Standard Necklace gray red

The standard necklace consists of three types of titanium. The core of the standard necklace contains micro titanium beads and carbonized titanium. This core is covered with a fiber fabric that is impregnated with aquatitan. The entire standard necklace has been refined with Phiten's special technology, the Phild Process.

The standard necklace is recommended for tension in the neck and shoulder area. It is very suitable for long work at the computer, to relax the neck area. Worn overnight, this standard necklace can help you sleep better. The muscles are relaxed, the fine bio-electrical currents of the body are balanced.

It is also suitable for wearing during sports to improve athletic skills. The standard necklace can also be worn around the wrist and ankle.

Care instructions:
It is advisable to take off the standard necklace when showering. It can be cleaned by hand with a mild detergent. Simply let it dry after cleaning.

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