X50 High End Necklace (50cm) Green

The new X50 high end necklace has an elegant stainless steel clasp.
This chain is the link between the more sporty necklaces and the jewelry chains.
The increased density X50 of the aquatitaine impregnation makes this necklace one of the most effective Phiten necklaces.

Care instructions:
It is recommended to take the X50 necklace off when showering.
If necessary, it can be cleaned by hand with a little mild detergent. The effect of the titanium is not lost.

- Aquatitan in 50 times the density (textile)
- Carbonized titanium (core)
- micro titanium beads (core)

72.14 € 72.14 EUR

79.90 CHF

SKU: TG475353

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