Aqua Titanium Спортни гамаши Black


Безплатна доставка за цяла Европа за всички поръчки над 100 €

  • 30 дни лесно връщане
  • Изпращане в рамките на 2-3 дни
Гарантирана безопасна проверка

The Aqua Titanium Sport Leggings in black are designed to provide both style and performance for active individuals. Made with high-quality materials and infused with Aqua Titanium, these leggings offer compression and support to help improve blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue during workouts. Additionally, they feature a comfortable and breathable design to help keep you cool and dry during even the most intense exercise sessions.

The Phiten sport leggins were specially developed for active training. They do not restrict movement, do not fold, have excellent breathability.

Helps maintain muscle freshness throughout the workout. The shorts are made of very elastic material with AquaTitan impregnation, are durable and do not deform even after long periods of wear.

Моделът се предлага в черно и бяло.

Състав: полиестер - 83%, полиуретан - 17%, акватитан.

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3L (104-114 см), L (84-94 см), LL (94-104 см), M (76-84 см), S (68-76 см)


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