X30 Aqua Titan Tape Elastic(7cmx10cm) (8pcs.)

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X30 Aqua Titan Tape Elastic(7cmx10cm) (8pcs.) 19,90  15,92 
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  • 30 ημέρες εύκολες επιστροφές
  • Αποστολή εντός 2-3 ημερών
Εγγυημένο ασφαλές ταμείο

The new Aqua Titan Tape celebrate a comeback! New they are already cut available as X30 tapes and in a practical size. The elastic fabric includes a 30-fold higher density of Aqua titanium and is thus more effective. Depending on requirements, they can be further customized. They are versatile in use and can be installed thanks to the elastic tissue and in the joints. They are ideal for shoulders, back and lumbar region. Muscular tensions can dissolve, the energy can flow freely again. For hygienic reasons we recommend removing the patch after 2-3 days and replaced if necessary. – Aqua titanium in 30-fold density – Elastic tissue – muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area – tension in the lower back – complaints of the joints


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