X30 Aquatitan Power szalagkorongok (50db)

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X30 Aquatitan Power szalagkorongok (50db) 22,50  18,00 
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  • 30 napos könnyű visszatérés
  • 2-3 napon belüli kiszállítás
Garantáltan biztonságos fizetés

The world famous Phiten Power Tape Discs, here with X30 strength, are glued directly to the tense points on the body. Very suitable on the neck, shoulder and other joints.

It is also possible to apply several tapes simultaneously on a larger body area. The athletic ability can be improved. The skin circulation in the treated areas can be locally improved, muscle tension is released. The bioelectric impulses are normalized and balanced again.

Power Tape Discs can be left on the appropriate place for 2-3 days. Then remove the tapes or replace them with new ones.

The tapes can be combined with the Metax cream or lotion. First apply the tapes, then gently massage the Metax Creme / Lotion over the tapes into the desired area of ​​the body.


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