Phiten Rakuwa T-Shirt Round neck M White
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Phiten Rakuwa T-Shirt Round neck M White


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T-Shirts Aqua contain titanium. They are comfortable to wear and relax the whole body. The body can adapt better and faster external changes. The optimized energy flow causes an increased and more sophisticated power feeling. All T-shirts carrying the X30 icon included Aqua titanium in 30-fold density. The effect of titanium is thus somewhat stronger. These T-shirts are suitable for people who already know the products or for people who have particularly strong and persistent muscle tension and wish a stronger effect. All clothing such as T-shirts can be worn throughout the day. Worn at night they can contribute to a peaceful sleep. The T-shirts in various embodiments (short or long sleeve), sizes and colors. The textile fabric is cotton or depending on the design of a breathable synthetic fiber. – Aqua Titan – 100% polyester – Washable at 30-40 degrees (without fabric finishers, information on the T-shirt note) – tension in the neck and shoulder area – distension of the entire back – general feeling of tiredness – For a peaceful sleep – In sports and everyday life


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