RAKUWA Necklace Petit Current black (50cm)
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RAKUWA Necklace Petit Current black (50cm)


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Rakuwa Necklace Petit current managed to gain fame as one of the most powerful accessories in the history of the development of Japanese laboratories Phiten.

Created taking into account the latest Aquatitan and Silica technologies, Rakuwa Necklace Petit Current is able to influence 4 main factors of the body: to cope with stress, pain, increase the stamina of the body at the nano level, and also have a beneficial effect on the physical component, gradually strengthening the body and making its stronger every day.

The quasi-electrostatic field of the product is a weak electric current, imperceptible at the standard of living. The currents are used in our body for various functions, primarily to transmit signals from the brain to muscles and send commands to moving organs such as the heart. These weak electric currents generated inside the body overlap, go outside and form an electric curtain that is invisible to the eye.

The high-tech necklace case is made of stainless and galvanized steel with the addition of copper, which allows the product to withstand the tests of water, wind and intensive non-stop training.
To activate the accessory, open the capsule with the LED and close the ends of the necklace, after which the copper and alkaline batteries will be activated with one touch.

Case: stainless steel, copper, galvanized steel, nylon
Fasteners: stainless steel, ABS, aluminum.
Electronic components: base circuit, LED, copper battery: SR421SW alkaline battery.


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