X30 Aquatitan Power Tape round (500pcs)


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The Aquatitan Power Tape are glued directly on tense points of the muscles. The round tapes are well suited for smaller places, for example in the neck and shoulder area. You can also be glued during exercise right in the area of the muscle insertion.

It is also possible to attach several round tapes simultaneously on a larger body area. The athletic ability can be improved. The skin blood flow in the treated areas can be improved locally, muscle tensions are released. The bioelectrical impulses are normalized and balanced.

The Aquatitan Power Tape can be left 2-3 days at the appropriate place. Then remove the tape or replace with new ones. The tapes can be combined with the Metax Lotion or Metax Cream.

Carbonized Titanium – Elastic tissue – muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area – tension in the lower back – movement in the joints are supple – improving athletic skills

10 reviews for X30 Aquatitan Power Tape round (500pcs)

  1. Isabella Rossi (verified owner)

    Durable tapes.

  2. Maxime Dubois (verified owner)

    Perfect for hiking.

  3. Marius Weber (verified owner)

    Prevents stiffness and soreness during long car rides.

  4. Oliver Nielsen (verified owner)

    Prevents stiffness and soreness during long car rides.

  5. Adina Popescu (verified owner)

    Fast-acting tapes.

  6. Lars Jansen (verified owner)

    Speeds up post-surgery recovery.

  7. Noemi Wójcik (verified owner)

    Increases comfort level during physical activity.

  8. Maria Hernandez (verified owner)

    Reduces swelling and inflammation.

  9. Laura Gómez (verified owner)

    Phiten tapes work impressively well.

  10. Lea Müller (verified owner)

    Prevents muscle soreness after every workout.

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