Usnjena zapestnica Rakuwa (ena velikost) bela roza

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Usnjena zapestnica Rakuwa (ena velikost) bela roza 49,00  39,20 
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Rakuwa leather bracelet with the new titanium-silica technology is used for the first time in the leather strap. The finest quartz particles are combined with aquatitanium.

Quartz (SiO2) is one of the materials known for its fast transmission.

Both the titanium-silica and the micro-titanium beads are attached to the inside of the bracelet.

The entire leather bracelet also goes through the Phild process.

It is used for muscle tension in the wrists and arms. The leather bracelet is ideal for everyday wear and especially when working on the computer.

The size can be adjusted individually.

Length in cm: 14-20


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