Elastic sports necklace M-Style


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The Elastic Sports Necklace M-Style is an innovation by Phiten that was developed for athletes and health-conscious people. This chain can be worn, for example, in sports as well as in everyday life. The M-Style sports chain is made of an elastic silicone elastomer. The M-Style sports chain is elastic thanks to the material and can be easily pulled over the head. This chain can be wrapped not only around the neck, but also around the wrist or ankle. The M-Style sports chain is recommended against tension in the neck and shoulder area. Because of the light material, it is very popular with athletes, especially runners, as it can be worn when sweating heavily or in the water. The M-Style sports chain can also be cleaned under running water while showering.

– Elastic silicone elastomer – Aqua Titan / Aqua Silica
– 4 magnets with 130 mT

Security advice:
People with electronic implants such as pacemakers, etc., which could be affected by electromagnetic interference and magnetic influences, should not use them, as this can lead to malfunction of these devices.
Be sure to ask your doctor.


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