Sports necklace M-Style II


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The Sports necklace M-Style II is the sporty interpretation of the successful X100 CHOPPER necklace. Thanks to the robust mix of materials, it is also perfect for sweaty activities. Like the M-Style necklace, it is already registered as a medical product in the country of origin Japan and, in addition to the AQUA TITAN technology, also has four uniformly arranged magnets with a strength of 130 millitesla each.

Technology and material:
– AQUA TITAN SILICA (a product from the AQUA TITAN technology)
– 4 magnets of 130 millitesla each
– Elastic silicone elastomer
– Polycarbonate clasp / tag

Possible applications:
– Tension in the neck and shoulder area
– If you are generally tired
– Relaxing with muscle loads during sport

Special security advice:
People who use electronic implants such as cardiac pacemakers, etc., which could be affected by electromagnetic interference and magnetic influences, are not allowed to use the product, as it may cause these devices to malfunction. Please be sure to consult your doctor before use.


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