X100 Necklace Choker Square (40cm) Black
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X100 Necklace Choker Square (40cm) Black


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The X100 Necklace Choker Square consists of three types of titanium. The core of the necklace contains micro -Titanium beads and carbonized titanium. This core is spanned with a fiber fabric that is impregnated with Aqua Titanium. The entire X100 necklace was finished with the special technology of Phiten. The X100 necklaces are made from the new innovation of Phiten. The products marked with X100 contain titanium in 100-fold density. The X100 necklace is recommended for persistent tension in the neck and shoulder areas. It is suitable for long work on the computer, in order to relax the neck area. It is also suitable for wearing during exercise to improve athletic ability.
It is recommended to take off the X100 necklace when showering. It can be cleaned by hand if done with a small amount of mild detergent. – Aqua titanium in 100-fold density- Carbonized titanium (core) – titanium micro-beads (core)


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